All Things Sufi

Bless the station of the Mother and bless the station of the Heart. May they be victorious. May we in our Tariqat grow in compassion and loving kindness. May we grow in deep insight and clarity. May we grow in caring for others as our own. May we grow in gratitude to our Source. May we grow in gratitude for each other. May we grow in gratitude for each moment and each event and each encounter and each thing we receive. May we speak gently and kindly to the servants of Rahman. May we speak clearly and firmly in the face of the betrayal of Justice. May we walk gently on Mother Earth so that her children are not disturbed and her heart is not broken. She will testify about the actions of humanity before Her Lord on the Day of Enlightenment. May we honor life and support it so that it flourishes. May we offer love and the guidance which streams through our lineage. May we pray intensely for all souls. May we ceaselessly praise and hear the praise of all beings. May we trust in the mother essence of Rahman, fully knowing that we and all beings are loved beyond our wildest imagination and will be taken of in the best of possible ways. May we realize that we are the hearts and hands and feet and eyes and ears of the One Living Loving Knowing Seeing Hearing Feeling Creating Moving. We are the servants of Rahman and the Mothers of humanity. Blessed Blessed Mothers Day! – Fariha Nur Ashki Jerrahi