All Things Sufi

O beloved of Allah may you have a most blessed joyful birthday! May your lovers throughout the 18,000 worlds offer you the most beautiful Salawats and gracious greetings and prayers on this day and may they feel immense gratitude in their hearts for your guidance. May their love for you turn this world into a bliss garden of roses and nightingales. And may their hearts be the lamps of lovelight that illumine the way for seekers. And may, for love to you, the Beloved shine forth in their beings like the full moon on a cloudless night. May your love and your light bless all humanity.

“I Am. I alone Am. La ilahe ila Ana. Turn to Me. Pray to Me. Ask from Me. Return to Me. Be grateful to Me. Disappear in Me. Reappear through Me. Love Me with your entire being. Love me in your heart, in your self, in your mind. Love Me in in your self and in the heart of my humanity where I abide. Love Me in My creation where I manifest. Love Me with every breath and in every blink of your eye. But you will fail to love Me as I love you. You will forget your true self and forget Me. You will be distracted by the world and your own affairs. Your heart will be veiled from Me. You will wander in forgetfulness. And then through My love to you and My promise to you I will turn to you and send you distress so that you remember Me. You will remember your Creator and your Refuge and you will ask for My forgiveness and I will forgive you. And you will dwell with Me forever.”

Blessed Night of Miraj. May our love and our every breath be for the beloved of Allah in this holy night, for the one who has brought countless blessings to ourselves and all beings. So many new words and forms of praise, so much mystic knowledge, so much forgiveness and bountiful blessings were offered to us by Allah in this night through the blessed heart of the Messenger. May our love and gratitude flow from our hearts to our lineage, and in particular to beloved Pir Nureddin Jerrahi and his mother Amina al Jerrahi, beloved Muzaffer Effendi al Jerrahi and beloved Nur al Anwar al Jerrahi. – Fariha Nur Ashki

All is prayer The great cycles of time the seasons, the days, the hours, the moments are all in prayer the stars, the air, the earth all the earth’s vast life, all the noble creatures in the soil, in the streams, in the ocean, forests and deserts our self is prayer, our body our walking on the earth our breathing our speaking, our hearing, our seeing our loving our eating and drinking working with our hands our play our tears, our laughter our struggles our intentions our sickness, our healing all is our prayer as we walk the holy way of life together, the sacred path which leads us to knowing that all is holy, all is Allah, all is Hu (Shaykha Fariha Fatima al-Jerrahi)

Blessed first night of Rajab! Blessed Holy Months! “The following noble Tradition was reported by the venerable Hasan, beloved grandson of the blessed Prophet: “There are four nights in the year when Allah’s mercy, forgiveness, generosity, bounty and grace fall like rain upon the world. Blessed are they who know or will come to know the value of these nights, namely: 1) The first night of the noble month of Rajab; 2) The night called Bara’a (Absolution), the fifteenth night of the noble month of Shaban; 3) The night of the feast of Ramadan; 4) The night of the feast of Sacrifice.” – Shaykh Muzaffer Ozak al-Jerrahi – Irshad – excerpted from the Seventh Discourse